Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't Be Bitter. Text Better

Dear Friends:
 Do you ever get so lonely and miserubble that you send "hey" texts? If you do...just accept that you might not ever... ever ever ever...get a reply. "Hey" texts won't get you progress...or pussy. Think about the person on the other end. Would you reply; if you were in their house shoes? Probably not. It's washed up. Any person who texts me "hey"; I automatically assume they just finished eating a fat snack with extra fat or jerking off. I just checked my phone and not one text has "hey" sent from me. I won't do it because I want to be better. If you ever send "hey" texts, I'm here to tell you... you don't have to be that hoe anymore. Be clever. Be witty. Be the opposite of what you are right now. 

 If a jawn doesn't reply to "hey"; just move on. Maybe she didn't get it? So what. Move the fuck on. Maybe you should send her another "hey" to show her you really mean it? No. Stop being a creep. She doesn't know you and is too happy being sad to want to know you. Move on. Light candles and take a bath. Do something Drake would do. Everybody is different. Find what works (actually works) for you and be the best at it. If you are swinging at everything and not connecting; center your focus. Maybe start with jawns who have low self esteem. Or jawns who go to the gym. All you gotta do is pretend to really care about being in shape and you can at least see her naked. Jawns who go to the gym will send you lusty pictures if you text them right (so i've heard). That can't be accomplished sending "hey" texts. 

I don't want any of my brothers left behind. If we all pursue progress we all prosper. Don't have any doubts. There's no room for doubt in this world where dreams end daily. Dreams don't die they just don't fight with life. Same concept with women. You'll text her "hey" which is full of doubt and lonely auraness and expect to see a sign of life. Nope. When you text "hey" you give her every right and permission to play possum and pretend you are just spam text. Be better. Want better. Text better.
Jawns know what you want by the 3rd text. They know what they'll give you by the 1st. You can't be tender in text and real life. If you're a soft, warm hearted individual that's cool. But you gotta be reckless in real life. You gotta rage and break things but send smileys in your texts and write poetry. You cant be 360 degrees of tenderness. I send texts that are softer than dog bedding; but i'm usually drunk so it doesn't count. (Hoe Logic). You gotta balance out the right amount of ignorance and respect. Texting tender respectful thoughts is cool. Boring as fuck; but cool. Ignorance a make her dance

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