Monday, September 3, 2012

Jasmine's Room

Jasmine doesn’t need you. In fact she really just likes you. She likes a lot of people. That doesn’t mean she wants you, or needs you. Jasmine has everything she wants. She has her own room decorated exactly how she likes it. She doesn’t leave any dishes in her room. She doesn’t need an extra charger for your phone. The mirror doesn’t get mysterious spots on it as a result of you accidentally spitting on it while you were freestyling in front of it with no shirt on. Jasmine always knows where the remote control is in her room. So, Jasmine doesn’t need you. She knows what she’s doing. She knows you want to do all types of nasty, shower twice afterwards godly things to her; but she doesn’t need you.

-Hi Note…You’re a hoe if you still have a full length mirror. That’s not my rule. The laws of nature have shown us that full length mirrors are a tool of deception and destruction. Once you take a picture of yourself in front of a full length mirror your soul instantly becomes hoenly. Yes that’s spelled right. You become a hoe who spent $20 for a mirror from Target and just didn’t want to be lonely. It’s not your fault. I’m not here to judge you. I myself have owned a full length mirror. So by the laws of nature that makes me a hoe. But God’s the only one I will let judge me and I’ve been doing better, so I know he’s proud of my progress. I don’t own a full length mirror anymore. Neither does Jasmine. She grew up and growth looks good. Growth looks amazing.

 Jasmine's room and her grown ass mirror are full of her pleasant, lonely thoughts. Mainly about work, what fun things she can do this weekend because she’s single , what she’ll wear to the gym tomorrow, how she can improve on the dinner she made for herself and enjoyed by herself. But not a single thought about why she needs you. Were you with her when she signed her lease? Didn’t think so. Jasmine doesn’t need you.
someone please tell D-Rok that Jasmine doesn't need him or want him.

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