Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Hi Thoughts

Chris Columbus: The Original Savage.
Guest Blog by @CallMeJewC

FUCK CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. There are only a few things we should recognize this man for and the discovery of North America is not one of them. This mother fucker was not an “explorer” as he has been perceived to be through out our K-12 education. He was an exploiter and conquistador. Mother fucking Christopher Columbus wasn’t trying to “trade” with the native people of Latin America (by the way that’s what he “discovered” not North America) he was trying to take all their shit, enslave them, and conquer the land and exploit it, yet he had the audacity to justify these acts with his religious beliefs. “He was only trying to SAVE these people,” FOH Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain and initially was trying to find a new trade route to India. So when he landed in South America he called the people he saw “Indians”, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Little did he know that he had stepped into a world that was beyond advanced, the Inca culture took giant shits all over the European’s. They had intricate ways of telling time, tracking seasons, mapping out constellations, communicating messages, surviving crazy climates, and even construction without conventional tools… all by reading the earth and it’s movement within the solar system. That’s right, the solar system, these people were ON IT! Meanwhile, stupid ass people back in Europe still believed the earth was flat. The Incas we by far more intelligent and advanced than theses dumb ass white faces who just appeared from the sea carrying disease, and too many clothes to cover up their tiny ass genitals. So Christopher gets there and realizes “Holy Shit, these people are COVERED in jewelry and gold” he knew this was valuable and his bitch ass wanted it, so he snatched up a couple indigenous people took their asses back to Spain and paraded them around town as savages. Oh – did I mention he enslaved them but they all died because the white men were just chockfull of disgusting disease? But before I get there, let me first make note that the gold the Incas were wearing was referred to by them as “oro” which for many of you know is spanish for “Gold.” Well…those fucking Spanish bastards should have known this was no coincidence because Inca people did not speak Spanish the spoke Quechua… But anyway when the conquistadors worked their way up South America to Mexico they found ANCIENT statues of West Africans. This didn’t happen by chance, so when I say Columbus was at least the second person to discover South America it’s because there is archaeological proof that Africans and Incas were trading with each other hundreds of years before the Spanish Conquest. So if we have anyone to thank for the discovery of the Americas it is Africans (who coincidentally were also deemed as savages by fucking Europeans).

So again I say, FUCK CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. But who I’m really mad at it is the American Education System. Why in the fuck would they lie to us and on top of give us off school for this guy?! I mean let’s face it folks…we’ve been lied to. They painted this picture of Christopher Columbus to be some missionary genius who SAVED this “savage” group of people from doom, damnnation, and hell, when in reality he just went over there and fucked shit up big time. Columbus opened up a portal for Spanish conquistadors to exploit, murder, enslave, brainwash, and completely turn Inca civilization upside down…this was the beginning of the White Power we all live in today. FUCK THAT! You want to know who should be in charge of our country and should be occupying the seats of power?? Latin Americans and African Americans. But nooooooooo, we are still living under this illusion that white is all powerful. No sir, whites are a bunch of cultureless bullies who are power hungry and greedy and will go to great lengths to attain such power and this is what our country was founded on….White Power. So fuck the American Dream, fuck Christopher Columbus Day, fuck the economy for Christopher Columbus Day sales and fuck your day off….seriously. My son will grow up and know the truth about “how we got here.” He will work his ass off on this day for the rest of his life. We’re gonna do mad chores and homework and hug Latin Americans and Black People and say we’re sorry for all this bullshit.

Also if you want to further investigate this bullshit, I have a couple of sources for you to check out on your own which changed my views and lifted this bullshit veil that had been placed over my head by Social Studies books and the teachers who were instructed to tell us fucking fairy tales about how great of a country we are and Spain was…. And were written by white European assholes.

1. Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Book Got Wrong. By: James W. Loewen (This link is to a PDF
2. Even The Rain (a fake-real documentary about The Water issue in Latin American AND The Spanish Conquest) This is the link to the IMDb, but I’m pretty sure this shit is on Netflix and it’s worth watching (

Thanks for reading and if you knew all this shit anyway, GOOD!

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